Destination Haiti

Tour the Northern Part of Haiti from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

If you are adventurous by nature and would like to experience visiting two countries almost for the price of one, you are invited to visit Haiti while you are in the Dominican Republic., is confident that with my contracted licensed tour operators and experienced tour guides your travel will be safe, pleasant and filled with many exciting memories. Despite the fact that Haiti has been named the poorest country in the Americas and its history of political violence, many find this part of the Hispaniola to be a hidden, serene and mysterious treasure. Your stay in Puerto Plata is just a stone’s throw (less than 4 hours) away from beautiful Northern Haiti. In fact, if you’ve ever been on a cruise to Labadee or know someone who has traveled there they will confirm that the north coast of Haiti is one of the greatest attraction and travel destinations of the Caribbean Islands, as it offers everything that a traveler requires to spend an ultimate and entertaining vacation. North coast of Haiti is known best for its beach nightlife, water sports at beach and adventures in the coastal hills. This is the best destination for mountain bikers and trekkers and it provides an opportunity to experience historic and challenging adventure. Guests of can have arrangements made for round trip pick-up and drop off from your hotel room, suite or villa in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic to Northern Haiti using a licensed tour-operator. Simply indicate your interest in the “North Haiti” tour while making your travel arrangements.

There are many sights to visit in Northern Haiti, but we recommend visiting the following:

Cap-Haïtian is Haiti’s second city. What now feels like a tranquil, scenic town, was once one of the richest colonial ports in the world. Its central square and wide gridded, cobblestone streets with high-shuttered doors and balconies make it the ideal base from where you can explore the region. Be sure to pick up the local favorites, Cassava bread made with grated and roasted coconut and (Sellebride) their sweet liquor, before you head back home. We recommend you stop in to have lunch at the beautiful Hotel du Roi Christophe walking distance from the city’s central square. Our walking tours in Cap-Haitian are inexpensive using licensed, contracted experienced tour staff.


Citadelle la Ferrière

Citadelle la Ferrière, is the magnificent mother of all Caribbean forts – a true castle perched high on a mountain and the master of all it surveys. Built in the early years of independence, it’s a monument to the vision of a short-lived king, whose ruined palace of Sans Souci sits below.


The crashing Atlantic waves give the north some spectacular coastline and great beaches as well. Labadee and Cormier Beaches are a stone’s throw from Cap-Haïtian and are ideal places to unwind – even in the years of political turmoil, Labadee was one place the cruise lines couldn’t bear to give up. In fact, World Caribbean Cruise line currently operates entrance to this exclusive jewel. The northern coast of Haiti continues to draw a steady stream of tourists as it is becoming one of the prime destinations for independent travelers, across the world. Whether you stay overnight or decide to cross back over the boarder to the Dominican Republic, accommodations in Northern Haiti are readily available for travelers. Visits to historic sites, casinos and beach nightlife are the optional activities for the travelers, open for every visitor.



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