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Martine, CEO of BougieVacations.com


“Hi, I’m Martine, the CEO of Bougievacations.com and this is how my life of international travel began many years ago. Eating fresh lobster on a beach in Haiti made me realize then that there were so many other countries that I wanted to experience and enjoy vacationing in. I learned to travel as a VIP and enjoy luxury accommodations while paying low prices. As a result I have travelled to over 20 countries, some several times and I’m still counting. Now through Bougievacations.com, I make luxury accommodations and high end amenities affordable to everyone. Be sure to enjoy your next vacation, spring break, destination wedding, family reunion or corporate retreat at my resort property and you and your guests are guaranteed to come back refreshed and with memories of a lifetime!”

The Dominican Republic and its People

The people of the Dominican Republic represent a unique mixture of the past and present. Although census figures are probably not accurate, a 2005 census claimed 8.5 million people live on the island, with 1.9 million people living in Santo Domingo. Puerto Plata and its surroundings only comprise approximately 200,000 people in comparison. The Creole culture of the island represents a vibrant, ever-changing flow from interacting cultures and social relations in the past. Dominicans can claim a rich cultural inheritance from many parts of the world. The original inhabitants of the island were Taino Indians, but unfortunately during the colonization they all perished. Hispaniola, the land comprising the Dominican Republic and Haiti, has traded hands between the French and Haitians, the Dutch and English, and has been influenced later by people from the Middle East. You can find a global culture here with a unique Dominican twist. French dance and ballet can be found in the Cibao and Santiago, Victorian and English architecture still can be found in Puerto Plata, and the descendants of Jews who fled Nazi Germany still call Sosua home. You can also trace the descendants of Africans and also fleeing slaves form the Americas to the island. In a nutshell, the Dominican Republic is truly a “global village” in terms of its people and cultural mix. This intermix of cultures is best expressed in the merengue dance and music of the island. A rhythmic mix from African and Caribbean origins, merengue is very much part of life here! At the end of the day, even though we have photos of people and can talk about culture on the web site, there is no real substitute for experiencing it than going for yourself. The unique attitude within the culture is what our guests continually refer to as why they return year after year. We hope you have the opportunity to visit and experience this essence of the country for yourself.


A smile opens a lot of doors on the island. The Puerto Plata area has had a lot of experience welcoming Canadians, the British, and most recently Americans; therefore, English is generally understood and spoken in the tourist areas. For those who venture into less traveled areas, remember to smile and friendliness generally paves the way!